What to Wear to Dance Class

Uniforms for dance class are an important aspect of the dance experience. Strict guidelines must be adhered to for the comfort and safety of all dance students.

Dancewear can be obtained either through the BVI Dance School (we keep stocked with all basic uniform pieces, see price list at end of this notice), or through mail order, internet sales, and shopping abroad. In St. Thomas, leotards can usually be found at K-Mart, especially in smaller sizes. Ballet shoes can sometimes be found at Payless Shoes, but it is best to call ahead to inquire about availability.

In any case, all dancewear must conform to the following requirements;

For Ballet

“LEOTARD” – This is the bodysuit all dancers wear. We request all leotards be either pink ( or some other pastel color ) or black.

“TIGHTS” – These are the stockings ballet dancers wear. All students over the age of 7 ARE REQUIRED to wear tights. Students under the age of 7, if not wearing tights, must wear thin white or pink socks with their dance shoes. We prefer ballet pink tights, but will accept either skin tone, or black. No actual stockings or pantyhose can replace proper dance tights.

“DANCE SKIRTS AND “TU TU’S”” – Thigh to knee length (NO LONGER!) sheer dance skirts are permitted, but not required, for ballet students. Some leotards have soft dance skirts attached to them, which is OK,


This is strictly reserved for performances and special occasions.

Please, if your child has a “tu-tu”, keep it at home for “dress up”.

“HAIR” – It is VERY IMPORTANT that the child’s hairstyle be appropriate and SAFE for dance class! Hair must be worn up and/or clipped back away from being able to swing into the eyes during turns and jumps. Pin and secure hair well! Your child’s eyes, or someone else’s, could be injured from flying hair accessories.

NO BEADS THAT REACH AROUND TO THE EYES ARE PERMITTED. Beaded hairstyles need special attention that they will not fly out, to injure someone else, or fly around and hit your own child in the eyes! Wearing hair up is cooler and more comfortable, if worn up off the shoulders.


GIRLS –    Black Jazz pants, or stretchy nylon/polyester legging’s or bike shorts and regular t-shirts or tops in solid black, red or white OR the BVI Dance School logo t-shirt which we sell, are permitted for Hip Hop, Tap, Fusion, Dance Teams or jazz classes. Black stretchy skorts can also be used. Transitions tights can be used with shorts or skorts . These versatile tights can be worn over the toes for ballet, tap or hip hop, and roll up to ankles for barefoot dancing. Regular leotards and tights used in ballet, are also permitted.

BOYS’ – Black stretchy or lose hip hop pants or shorts with plain T-shirt in black, red or white and/or the BVI Dance School logo t-shirt.

Absolutely no pants hanging down too low!!


BALLET – Proper leather ballet shoes are required. NO SATIN BEDROOM SLIPPERS! These are only imitating dance shoes and do not allow the toes to properly point. We advise pink. If black are bought, they may have to be replaced with pink at Showtime to conform with the class.

TAP SHOES – If attending a tap class, tap shoes are required. We prefer black shoes with buckle straps or ties, and low heels (unless otherwise permitted).

JAZZ SHOES – If attending jazz class, black lace up jazz shoes are preferred BUT NOT DEMANDED! Regular black ballet shoes are acceptable.


FUSION DANCE – Sneakers and ballet or jazz shoes – tap shoes will also be needed

DANCE TEAMS – Sneakers and ballet or jazz shoes

The BVI Dance School also offers uniforms for purchase at the Prospect Reef Studio.