What is the BVI DanceFest?

The BVI DanceFest Committee and Fund is a Registered Non-Profit Organization in the Virgin Islands. This organization, originally founded by Sandy Lyons, the Director of the BVI Dance School, strives to promote and facilitate activities that inspire, encourage, educate and showcase dancers and dance of all forms in the British Virgin Islands.


The BVI DanceFest Fund, supported by public fundraisers and personal and corporate donations, provides scholarships and financial aid to dance students who otherwise could not afford dance lessons or further their greater goals in the dance field. We support dance workshops and encourage teachers/dancers from around the world to visit our community and share their expertise.


The BVI DanceFest Committee produces an annual dance performance “The BVI DanceFest” once per year that provides dancers from around the community to showcase their talents and provide an opportunity for enjoyment and appreciation of dance. This annual performance has become one of the most popular events held in the BVI. With a sold out audience attending the live performance and televised video of the event aired locally throughout the year, everyone in the community gets to enjoy the variety of dance being taught and performed here in the British Virgin Islands.

How Do I Get Tickets?

Tickets for the BVI DanceFest go on sale a few weeks before the show. If you would like to purchase tickets, you may do so by calling the numbers listed in the contact section below, or you may purchase tickets at the door. We are always proud to put this show on for the people of the British Virgin Islands, and we hope to see you at the next one.

Time till BVI DanceFest 2016

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