The BVI Dance School Uniform Price List:

Regular Sleeveless or Short Sleeve Leotard
(Pink or Black)

CHILD – $18.00-$20.00

ADULT – $24.00- $26.00

Special Leotards with Skirts
(Child only)

Sleeveless – $32.00

Other styles may be available for a similar price.

(Pink only)

CHILD – $10.00

ADULT – $12.00

Tights - Transitions

CHILD or ADULT – $15.00

Dance Skirts
(Pink or Black)

CHILD – $15.00 or $18.00 (depending on style)

Adult sizes are available for a slightly higher price.

Ballet Shoes
(pink or black for ballet - black for jazz if not wearing jazz shoes)

CHILD or ADULT – $20.00

Tap Shoes

CHILD or ADULT – $32.00

Jazz Shoes

CHILD or ADULT – $37.00

BVI Dance School Shirts
(white, red, or black)

CHILD – $15.00

ADULT – $20.00


Some jazz pants and skirts are available. Inquire if we have your size.